It’s all about Perception

While perusing various web sites today, I came across Kris Krug’s photography site ( and saw a quote from him that really struck a chord with me…”I am whatever you say I am”.

What struck me about his quote is how true the statement was! Perception really is all there is! I mean, isn’t our perception is our reality after all?

In so many cases, when we look at the world and the people in it; we see them with a lot of pre-conceived ideas in our heads. We take these ideas and see the world through our own lens. I know that I have gone into certain situations with a certain mindset – but sometimes I was able to change my perceptions because I learned more about a situation or a person. 

Remember the age old question, “is the glass half empty – or half full”?  The answer of course, lies in how you view the world. Are you a pessimist – or an optimist? I believe it’s important to remain open to all possibilities and maybe there are times we should question our reality. Maybe we need to question ourselves in terms of who we really are. There is a great photo of a small kitten looking in a mirror and he sees a huge lion staring back at him. Talk about perception!

While it may seem that I have no control over another’s perception of me – I have total control over my perception of me – and maybe what I see will become what others see.

Perception is observer-dependent. So, if you truly believe in yourself and portray that belief in yourself to others – doesn’t it make sense that this is what their perception of you will become?

There are so many ways to see things if we are willing to open our eyes, listen and observe with an open mind.

I can tell you that the perception I have of Kris’ work is most certainly favorable – but I suspect in large part it is because he is confident in his ability to create and has an enviable talent that he willingly shares with the world and it comes through clearly in his work – and that becomes who it is we see!


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