Resumes for the Job Search

Many of us are very well aware of what a resume is and why one is used. The thing many don’t seem to realize however; is that a resume should be done specifically for the job to which you are applying.

 The ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t work anymore. We have turned the corner yet again. Not that long ago, employees could almost name their price – quality candidates were few and far between.

 This is not the case any longer. 

 It now seems the employers have the upper hand again. So, what does that mean to the job seeker?

 You’d better be able to sell yourself.  And sell yourself specifically to the role you are applying for.

 Take some time to consider what skills are being sought and how your resume will fit that. Use some of the same language the advertisement uses to highlight your competencies.

Make sure that someone else critiques your resume prior to submitting it to the company (or recruitment agency). Quite often, small typos or spelling errors are missed because you’ve worked on the document for so long you become blinded to those things.

 Try to keep your resume within 2 pages – highlight only what is relevant to the job at hand.

 I recommend that you make a note on your resume that you have references; but for the sake of time and privacy, don’t include them.

Another good reason not to include references is that it provides you with an opportunity to speak to the people whose names you are using before the recruiter does (in the event you are called in for an interview). You can explain what the role is that you have applied for and prepare them in advance. You can also confirm that they are still comfortable in giving you a reference and feel confident that their comments will be favourable.

Remember, you have a small window in which to impress the person receiving your resume – be sure to make it count.


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2 Responses to Resumes for the Job Search

  1. I totally agree about having a specific resume to the job. You only get once chance to get someones attention. I had multiple resumes dependant on level of responsibility and type of work (ie. Generalist, coordinator, or a specified role). This allows your recruiter and hiring manager to quickly see you are a fit.


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