On-Boarding and Orientations

Every business, no matter the size, should be concerned with how a new employee is brought on board. The importance of effective On-Boarding and Orientation processes cannot be understated – in my humble opinion – they will determine how successful and engaged your employees will be!

 At the very least, put some energy into planning the way you intend to introduce your new hires to the organization. Be sure that other people who will work with this employee are aware of the fact that he/she is coming and on what date. Even before they actually start, you should take the time to consider how you will make them feel welcome and that they are part of the company right from the ‘get go’.  For example:

  • Provide them with an introductory letter that speaks not only about the position and salary; but also tells them where to report on their first day, at what time, and provides any special information (such as where to park) that may be confusing
  • Have someone meet and greet them at the appointed time (leaving them sitting in a lobby alone is not very welcoming)
  • Make sure they have an assigned work area and that it’s ready for them when they arrive and again; make sure the co-workers are aware of their arrival
  • Introduce them to any other employees and in particular, the person they will be reporting to (if that didn’t already happen at the interview itself)
  • Give them an indication of what your company’s vision and values are and how their role fits into that
  • Be sure that the person is included in the first day’s lunch (I’ve seen new people actually being left at their work stations while co-workers get together and head out for lunch together)
  • When the employee handbook is reviewed; talk about the policies and procedures they are being given.  Certainly there are some that can be skimmed over and the new employee can read them at his/her leisure; but those that contribute to the mission, vision and values should be discussed right away

On-boarding and Orientation is such a huge topic that I can’t possibly cover everything in this short blog; but I really wanted to get this out there since it’s truly a passion of mine. There are so many wonderful software packages out there that allow us to On-board our new people but the ‘human touch’ is so often missing.

 Anyone else out there have some stories about On-Boarding and Orientations they wish to share?


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