Organizational Vision

During a recent coaching session I was taking part in, I asked the group of managers in attendance what they believed the ‘vision’ was of the organization was.

 After about 2-3 minutes of silence, I received a very nice little quote of the mission statement. 

 It got me to thinking…if the management team isn’t clear on what the vision of the organization is… (and what the difference is between a mission statement and a vision statement is)…how can they successfully lead the employees to make the vision a reality? 

 Seriously…without a clear vision of where you want to go; how can your employees know?

 I believe that if an organization’s vision is vague – the management team will have difficulty in helping their employees gain clear expectations of their roles.  It is indeed important to understand the mission statement – or raison d’être – if you will; but it is the vision coming to life that will afford that sense of pride and accomplishment in a job well-done!

 It seems that typically only the leaders of the business that are aware of the overall vision; however, I think that if they were to share the picture they have in their minds with the management team, there would be a higher likelihood of success. The management team will be more effective in leading the employees when there is a more defined understanding of how everyone has a part to play.  There may even be some ideas coming from the floor as to how to make the vision a reality – if only it were shared!

 I’ll bet the employees would love to have a voice. Each and every one of us has value to contribute – and listening to your employees does not necessarily mean that you will automatically accept their suggestions and recommendations.  But – being willing to listen and create an environment in which everyone feels valued and empowered – will definitely keep your employees engaged and your vision realized.


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