Recruit to Retain

Recruitment – According to “The elusive criterion of fit in human resources staffing decisions” ( the ability to attract (recruit) and staff talented individuals in organizations may well represent one of the most important human resources (HR) management functions.

Who is hired into the job from outside the organization as well as who is moved to another job internally (e.g., through promotion) or who is being moved out, ideally reflect job-relevant decisions and the maximizing of critical knowledge, skills, and abilities, which contribute toward overall effectiveness and the competitive advantage of an organization.

As evidenced by Johnson & Johnson, Southwestern Airlines and Vanguard (who were among the first organizations to not only recognize the importance of staffing but also the war for talent), the best way to create a sustainable and competitive advantage is through your people. On Staffing: Advice and perspectives from HR Leaders (Nicholas Burkholder, Preston Edwards, Libby Sartain)

These companies were, and still are, very sincere when they speak about the importance of assessing skills and putting people into positions where they’ll succeed.

Recruiting is not just about hiring anymore. It’s about determining what the human requirements are of the organization and making sure that the human capital engaged to conduct the every day business of the organization has the talent needed to meet expectations.

Times are definitely changing in the employment world. No longer does one pick up the paper and read the “Help Wanted” section to find a career.

Recruiting is a serious business and in my mind, is clearly foundational in building the culture of your organization.


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